About Us


I can’t change the world, but maybe I can change me, and make a difference. – Lee Emmett, Poet, Australia 


Sustainable Blacksburg is a non-profit – 501(c)3 – community organization whose mission it is to facilitate environmental stewardship in the Blacksburg area and to enhance the region’s livability by reducing its impact on the local and global environment.  Our current goals are (1) to initiate and promote sustainable practices in the Blacksburg area, (2) to encourage other area organizations that promote sustainability, and (3) to disseminate information to area residents that will enhance our ability to live in balance with our environment.  Currently we have about 354 members on our listserv.  If you wish to sign up to receive our listserv announcements, send an e-mail message to Bill Claus with the word SUBSCRIBE on the subject line.