Even though we are an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, and we attempt to be very frugal, we do have expenses.  For example, setting up an SB booth at local festivals sometimes requires a fee.  We also purchase local foods and craft supplies for some events as well as name tags, door prizes, and other items that further our mission.  We also occasionally rent a meeting room at the Blacksburg Community Center, when rooms at the Town Library or Municipal Buildings are not available.  Here are a few other ways in which financial contributions are used.

  • To support information and materials given out at our booth during Town fairs and festivals
  • To pay rent of $180 per year for a P. O. Box to receive official correspondence.
  • To underwrite the purchase of materials, such as cloth grocery bags and SB tee shirts, for resale at festival booths and special SB events.
  • To provide funds in support of “Celebrate Sustainability” (Sustainability Week) activities.
  • To pay $120 per year to HostGator for hosting our website (allow people to access this site on the Internet).
  • To support costs, such as refreshments, incurred at SB events such as those held at the Library.
  • Other expenses as approved by the SB Executive Committee.

Therefore, we will occasionally ask members for financial support/sponsorship, but (hopefully) no more than twice each year.  However, you may make a contribution at any time – without us asking.  Those members who make a financial contribution to Sustainable Blacksburg will, if they agree, have their names listed on this websitefor a period of one year beyond the month of their contribution.  Also listed will be the level of their contribution.

(Our booth-canopy tent, a display table, the water coolers, and other accessories were contributed by an anonymous, active SB member.)


Those members (individual or businesses) wishing to contribute will have their contribution acknowledged at one of the following levels:

    • Friend:              $25 to $49
    • Associate:         $50 to $99
    • Patron:               $100 to $249
    • Partner:              $250 to $499
    • Sustainer:          $500 to $999
    • Conservator:     $1000 to $4999
    • Benefactor:        $5000 up


  1. DECIDE which level of support you, or your business, wishes to contribute (see the table above).
  2. DECIDE if you, or your business, wishes to be acknowledged on our website (see the right-hand column), or if you would rather make an anonymous contribution.
  3. DEDIDE in what form you would like to contribute: using a check or your PayPal account.
    1. Personal or business checks can be made out to Sustainable Blacksburg, Inc.   Please write on the check if you wish to be acknowledged on our website or remain anonymous.
    2. Your personal or business PayPal account may be used to make a contribution.  To begin this process, simply click on the DONATE button on most every page on his website.
  4. MAIL your contribution checks to Sustainable Blacksburg, P.O. Box 4, Blacksburg, VA 24063-0004.
  5. CONTACT Bill Claus ( ) and ask for the Sustainable Blacksburg 501(c)3 number so that you, or your business, may claim your contribution as a donation to a registered non-profit corporation.


If you, or your business, does NOT choose to be anonymous, then you or your business’ name and level of support will be listed during that calendar year in which the contribution was made.  If more than one contribution is made during that calendar year, then the cumulative totals will be used to determine if you or your business’ level of support needs to be changed.  Your name, or the name of your business, and the level of that support, will be listed in the right-hand column of almostevery page of the Sustainable Blacksburg website under “2013 Contributions”.