VT Seminar on Binary Economics – A New Development Paradigm

Ashford-Robert Photo 2013On Wednesday, November 6 at 12:30pm, Prof. Robert Ashford will giving a seminar at Virginia Tech (in room 114 of the Architecture Ann ex) during which he will discuss the new paradigm of Binary Economics. More specifically, Prof. Ashford will make the case for “democratizing capital acquisition” by broadening competitive market opportunities to acquire capital with the earnings of capital – see the flyer below for more information about the seminar.Ashford_poster-Nov6Over the past several years, Dr. Ralph Hall (VT) has had the opportunity to work with Robert, leading to the two papers below published in the European Financial Review.

Dr. Hall first became aware of binary economics when searching for alternative, transformational models of development. The importance of identifying new development pathways has only intensified following the recent global financial crisis that has deepened economic inequality both within and between nations. Prof. Ashford’s ideas relating to binary economic growth hold great potential to transform and reignite the economy. Dr. Hall plans to work with Prof. Ashford during his visit to explore how a potential surge in economic growth (due to binary economic policies) could be leveraged to create a sustainable or green economy.

Please feel free attend the seminar to learn more about this new paradigm of economic thought.

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