Even though we are an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, and we attempt to be very frugal, we do have occasional expenses.  For example, placing a boot at various festivals sometimes requires a fee.  We also purchase food for some events as well as name tags, door prizes, and other items that further our cause.  And, we plan to occasionally rent meeting rooms at the Blacksburg Community Center for various events and functions.  In the past, we have purchased some equipment and supplies for SB use.  For example, our booth canopy tent with a table, water coolers, and other accessories were all purchased and contributed by an active SB member.

But we cannot continuously spend without adding funds to our bank account.  Therefore, we will occasionally ask members for financial support, but (hopefully) no more than twice each year.  However, you may make a contribution at any time – without us asking.  Those members who make a financial contribution to Sustainable Blacksburg will , if they agree, have their names listed on this websitefor a period of one year beyond the month of their contribution.  Also listed will be the level of their contribution, as shown below.


Any member may make a financial contribution in support of the work of Sustainable Blacksburg.