Recycling is perhaps the easiest action an individual can take to make a positive impact on the environment. But sometimes doing it right can be confusing. Below are some resources about recycling in the Town of Blacksburg, on the Virginia Tech Campus, and around Montgomery County.

The Town’s Committment

The Town of Blacksburg is committed to reducing the waste produced by town operations by:

REDUCING waste before it is generated…

In 2013, the town became the first Virginia municipality to join the State Electronics Challenge (SEC), a national program providing resources for individuals and organizations to make wiser choices in the selection, purchase, use, and recycling of office electronics. The SEC provides informational resources on computers, monitors, copiers and other office electronics that are designed to be less toxic, longer-lasting, more energy efficient and easier to recycle at the end of their useful life.

Other active steps that town has undertaken to reduce waste:

  • The town selects products that minimize unnecessary packaging and purchases in bulk where practicable, (about one-third of an average dumpster load is made up of containers and packaging material).
  • The custodial staff has begun purchasing less toxic cleaning materials in bulk thus reducing the number of single use cleaning dispensers.
  • Office staff are encouraged to print only if necessary; and if items must be printed, employees are encouraged to print drafts on blank sides of used paper. Published documents are printed or copied double-sided.

Using REUSABLE products…

The town is working on a Green Town Offices initiative through the Environmental Management Program. As an example, the initiative will promote the use of reusable versus disposable or recyclable items, (such as reusable water bottles and coffee cups versus disposable).

Only RECYCLING items after reducing as much waste and re-using as many products as possible…

There are recycling collection areas in every town facility. Employees are offered convenient locations to recycle co-mingled containers, mixed paper, cardboard, batteries, and electronics that have reached the end of their useful life.

For Blacksburg Residents

Sustainable Blacksburg encourages all Blacksburg residents to use this same process: reduce waste before it is generated (for example, choose to buy in bulk and reduce packaging); use reusable products (for example, reusable water bottles and grocery bags); and recycle only after first avoiding as much waste and reducing as many recyclables as possible.  We believe that these principles should greatly reduce the volume of waste that goes into our landfill and increase reuse of valuable natural resources. For more information on Town of Blacksburg recycling, check out their website.


1.  Residential Curbside Recycling – Currently, Blacksburg contracts with Waste Industries to collect mixed paper (office paper, newspaper, and paperboard), plastics (all numbers 1 through 7), metal (aluminum foil, aluminum and tin cans, and others), and glass jars and bottles. Please do not recycle food waste, plastic shopping bags, styrofoam, or electronics in your curbside bin! CLICK HERE to get detailed information about what types of paper, containers, and plastics can and cannot be recycled.

2.  Apartment & Townhouse Recycling – Blacksburg requires the managers of apartment houses, having more than four (4) Drop-Off Site_3residential units, to provide recycling for their tenants.  Tenants should contact their property managers for instruction about how to recycle at or near their residence.  If problems or questions arise, managers or residents should contact the Blacksburg Refuse and Recycling Office at 540-961-1806.

3.  Drop Off Recycling – In addition to the recycling opportunities listed above, mixed paper and corrugated cardboard may still be recycled at the Town’s Drop-Off Site at Gables Shopping Center behind Kroger at 1322 South Main Street.

Drop-Off Site_2

4.  Downtown Blacksburg Merchants – The following Merchants collects some items that cannot be placed in curbside-recycling bins or any of the Town’s drop-off bins:

DBI bench logoColley Architects – 620 North Main

Community Arts Information Office (CAIO) – 149 College Avenue

Eats Natural Foods – 708A North Main Street

Fringe Benefit – 117 North Main Street

Heavener Hardware & Lumber – 801 Kabrich Street

Wireless Zone – 304 North Main Street

YMCA Center – 1000 North Main Street

On the Virginia Tech Campus

Virginia Tech Recycling (VTR) provides dependable, convenient, and cost effective recycling services to the university community (faculty, staff & students). VTR supports campus sustainability efforts through a variety of programs and services.   You can find a campus recycling overview linked to this site as well as a great explanation of what happens to these recyclables once they are collected.Eikoh Recycle

From the VTR website, faculty, staff & students can learn about


For Montgomery County Residents

Folks living outside of the Blacksburg Town limits should use the recycling facilities provided by Montgomery County.  County residents do not have access to curbside recycling.  Instead, Montgomery County provides and manages 10 Consolidated Recycling and Waste Collection Sites.  Go to these active links to find out where these sites are located and to see what CAN and CANNOT be recycled at these sites.