Electronic EquipmentIt is important that we recycle unwanted or unworkable electronic equipment and devices.  Why?  If they are still working, they will be of value to someone else and can be resold by a local non-profit agency, such as the YMCA or Goodwill Industries.  And if this electronic device no longer works, it can be taken apart by an approved recycling business and their toxic or valuable components can be properly recovered and reused.

The agency in our area that recycles electronic devices–Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority (MRSWA) receives all recycled electronic waste that is collected by Montgomery County, the Town of Blacksburg, and Virginia Tech, and sends this electronic waste to a reputable domestic recycler, who does not ship these devices to other countries.


Teresa Sweeney, the Education & Training Coordinator at MRSWA, says the answer to this question is simple: Anything that uses an electric chord, or is operated by batteries, can be recycled as an electronic device.



  • YMCA logoYMCA CENTER (working & non-working electronics) – 1000 Main Street, Blacksburg (phone 540-961-9622).  Please deliver these items to the Thrift Shop dock, at the rear of the Y-Center building, during business hours.  YMCA will resell electronic equipment that still works.  All other electronic equipment will be recycled by sending it to MRSWA.   Please place a piece of masking tape on the item and label whether it is still functional or not. The Town of Blacksburg picks up these non-working electronics, transports them to MRSWA, and pays MRSWA the fees necessary for them to be recycled.

Goodwill Store

  • GOODWILL INDUSTRIES  (working & non-working electronics) – 1411 North Main Street, Blacksburg (phone 540-552-0215).  Goodwill will resell electronic equipment that still works.  They will recycle all other electronic equipment using Dell Reconnect.  Please use masking tape to label whether the device works or doesn’t work.
  • MONTGOMERY REGIONAL SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY  – 555 Authority Drive, Christiansburg, VA (phone 540-381-2820).  Please use only for electronic equipment that doesn’t work; take all working equipment to the YMCA or Goodwill Industries.  Blacksburg residents and VT students may take their unwanted electronic equipment directly to MRSWA for recycling.  However, MRSWA does charge a fee for the materials taken there.  Check with the MRSWA website for disposal fees.


WORKING & NON-WORKING ELECTRONIC DEVICES – Please consider donating this equipment to either the YMCA in Blacksburg or to the Goodwill Industries stores or their “attended” collection sites within Montgomery County.

  • Donate to the YMCA, label it as “working”, then take it for possible re-sale to the Thrift Store loading dock, 1000 North Main Street, Blacksburg.  (Note that residents living outside of Blacksburg should NOT take their non-working electronic devices to the YMCA.Goodwill Donation Box
  • Donate to the Goodwill Industries, label it as “working” or “non-working”, then  take it to one of the following locations:
    • Blacksburg Store and Attended Donation Center, 1411 North Main Street.  Phone 540-951-0215.
    • Blacksburg Unattended Donation Box, 8400 Hunters Mill Road (Foxridge Apartments near carwash and tennis courts).  Phone 540-581-0620.  Note that a large electronic device may NOT fit in the donation slot.
    • Blacksburg Unattended Donation Box, 910 Luster’s Gate Road (Ellett Valley – in  partnership with Montgomery County).  Note that a large electronic device may NOT fit in the donation slot.
    • Blacksburg Unattended Donation Box, 4680 Prices Fork Road (in  partnership with Montgomery County).  Note that a large electronic device may NOT fit in the donation slot.
    • Christiansburg Store and Attended Donation Center, 255 Peppers Ferry Road (Hwy 114).  Phone 540-381-1544.
    • Christiansburg Attended Donation Center, 820 Roanoke Street.  (At Bucko’s Pantry) .Attended Goodwill Donation Center
    • Christiansburg Attended Donation Center, 6 Radford Street NW, (Next to J. Hall Smith Medical Building).
    • Radford Attended Donation Center, 401 West Main Street, (in Wade’s Supermarket parking lot)
  • Recycle at the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority (MRSWA).  Please use this facility ONLY for unusable (nonworking) electronic equipment.  County residents who take any electronic equipment to MRSWA will be charged a recycling fee of 35 cents per pound (effective 01 July 2012).  For more information, call  540-381-2820.