Highlighting SB Volunteers

2013-14 “Battery-Recycling” Team

The SB "Battery" Recycling Team - (left to right) April DeMotts, Derry Hutt, and Dan Zhu.

The SB “Battery” Recycling Team – (left to right) April DeMotts, Derry Hutt, and Dan Zhu.

Last year, three good people agreed to be the current team of volunteers who form a critical operational link in the chain that allows our citizens to recycle used batteries, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and printer cartridges, so that their toxic componants are kept out of our regional landfill and eventually out of our soil and water supplies.   Their current mission is to collect used batteries, CFLs, and printer cartridges used in citizen’s homes and see that they are properly placed into responsible recycling streams that assures that these items are properly recycled and kept out of our regional landfill.  Members of our current volunteer team  are April DeMotts, Derry Hutt, and Dan Zhu, as shown in the photo above.

A merchant's collection box.

A merchant’s collection box.

Team members individually collect these items from participating Downtown Blacksburg merchants, and then work together to sort non-rechargeable from rechargeable batteries, separately package the used rechargeable batteries, place each battery type into a separate container, then see that these separated battery types find their way to our Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority who sees that these used batteries are transported to a regional recycling facility.

In addition, and working together, the team individually packages CFLs in sealed plastic bags, and transports these to either Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Used printer cartridges are driven to either Office Max or Staples for responsible recycling.

These volunteers provide a service that allows Blacksburg Residents to conveniently deposit used batteries, CFLs, and printer cartridges at local merchant locations, thus –  hopefully – keeping them out of the “trash”and our regional landfill, and preventing many individual vehicular trips to adjacent recycling facilities.


Alkaline Batteries

For more information about recycling in Blacksburg, please access this active link http://sustainableblacksburgva.org/recycling/cfls/