The New River Creative Reuse Center

The New River Creative Reuse Center, soon to be opening at Fieldstone United Methodist Church in Christiansburg, is collecting clean, unwanted items and materials that might otherwise go to the landfill or conventional recycling and will make them available to local educators to use in art and other classroom projects.  

 Items they accept include the following:

  1. All types of “scrap” paper, as long as it is blank on at least one side (white office paper, colored paper, scrapbook paper, old letterhead, etc.)
  2. Science and nature magazines (National Geographic, Audubon, Ranger Rick, etc)
  3. Cardboard tubes from paper towels, wrapping paper, etc
  4. Empty tissue boxes
  5. Film canisters
  6. Spools
  7. Shelf/laminate (Contact) paper
  8. CDs
  9. Empty oatmeal canisters
  10. Used greeting cards
  11. Wallpaper, fabric and paint chip samples
  12. Calendars with photographs
  13. Bottle caps and lids (clean and dry)
  14. Advertising magnets
  15. Leftover craft materials (pom poms, yarn, pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, fabric, felt, ribbon)

Items may be dropped off at Fieldstone UMC, 3385 North Franklin Street in Christiansburg, Virginia, during office hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

 If you have items or materials other than those listed, such as business or industrial castoffs and surplus, please contact us to find out if we can use your stuff! Contact Kim Thomason at or Ann Raridon at UMC

Fieldstone UMC – On the EAST side of Hwy 460 heading toward Christiansburg.