recycle arrowsIf you access the SB Website, then select the RECYCLING page (see words below the mountains photo), you will find information about recycling programs operated or required by local governments and  non-profit organization in the Blacksburg area.

CFL - circular no captionAs your cursor passes over the word “Recycling”, you will note that you can access pages that give you a more detailed explanation about how to recycle specific items, such as Batteries and Electronics.  You will also notice that we have added a NEW PAGE on how, where, and why to recycle Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs).

These more detailed pages about recycling were constructed in response to your questions, such as “Where can I recycle batteries, and how do I need to prepare the batteries before placing them in the proper recycling bins? and What is a CFL, why should I recycle them, and how do I accomplish this? and What types of electronic equipment can I recycle, and where do I take this stuff for recycling?”

We hope that you find this information helpful!  If you would like us to place further detailed information on our website about recycling in the Blacksburg area, please access this blog post on the SB website, then select the words “LEAVE A COMMENT” at the bottom of this blog post on our HOME PAGE.

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