Recycling Electronic Equipment in Blacksburg (VA)

Electronic EquipmentBoth working and non-working electronic equipment can be recycled in our community.  Teresa Sweeney, the Education & Training Coordinator at Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority (MRSWA) says that, “Any equipment that runs using an electric chord or batteries can be recycled as electronic equipment.”

Now WHERE and HOW can you recycle your unwanted electronic devices?

  • First, you need to decide if that piece of equipment still works.  If it does, then someone else may be able to use it; thus, exhibiting the principle of sustainable REUSE.
  • If it still works, then we strongly recommend that you attach a note that says it still works, then contribute it to either the YMCA or Goodwill, on North Main Street in Blacksburg, for resale.
  • If it no longer works, then label it as defective, and take it to the loading dock at the rear of the Y-Center building at 1000 North Main Street in Blacksburg.  They will accept it for free.  Alternatively, you can take it to the MRSWA “buy-back dock”, but you will need to pay a recycling fee according to its weight.

To find out more information about how and where you can recycle electronic equipment.  Just move your cursor to the RECYCLING pull-down menu above, and select the word “Electronics“.