Recycling Programs In Blacksburg And Montgomery County

LogoIt is VERY important — when we cannot avoid the use of materials and cannot reuse them — that we recycle them, so that these things (or their parts) can be used again.  It is this belief that prompts Sustainable Blacksburg to support recycling whenever we can.  To learn about various recycling programs available to Blacksburg and surrounding County residents, you may CLICK HERE  or simply select the word “Recycling” in the list of pages near the bottom of the heading photograph.  Don’t forget to check back from time to time to see how we are expanding this information!

Once you have accessed this Recycling page, you can then learn more about topics such as:

  • Who is eligible for curbside recycling
  • The requirement for all apartments, having more than four units, to provide a place for their residents to recycle
  • A list of Blacksburg’s recycling programs
  • Where you can go to drop off materials for recycling in Blacksburg and Montgomery County
  • How certain downtown merchants are participating
  • References to Montgomery County’s recycling programs
  • References to the recycling program at Virginia Tech
  • The importance of the YMCA and Goodwill Industries to our recycling efforts
  • Information about the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority (MRSWA) and how it participates in our region’s recycling programs.MRSWA logo