SB Board Nominees For Terms from 2014 through 2016

You may know that each year the terms of service expire for four members on our Board of Directors (see the table).  Therefore, each year at our obligatory Annual Meeting we must elect or re-elect four (4) persons to begin serving a three-year term on our Board.2013 Board Table

At our last Executive-Committee Meeting (18 Jan 13), the SB Officers decided that we should attempt to have two people nominated for each of the four open seats on the Board.  The Officers also decided that (1) each Director whose term is expiring should be asked if he or she wishes to be nominated for an additional three year term, and (2) we should seek other community leaders as additional nominees.  As much as possible, all nominated by the Executive Committee at that meeting have now been contacted and the results are as follows:

  • The following have declined to accept a nomination for election to the Board:
    • Tim Colley – Board Member through 2013
    • Jerry Ford – Former SB Treasurer
    • Reggie Tuck – Social Activist & Pastor of the Blacksburg United Methodist Church
  • The folks below have agreed to have their names placed in nomination for these four positions:
    • Kathryn Albright – Founder and President of the Friends of the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market 
    • Karen Cairns – Served on the first SB Board and early Executive Committees
    • Carol Davis – Currently the Sustainability Manager for the Town of Blacksburg
    • Rob Lowe – Environmental Engineer at VT and served earlier as SB Vice-President & Board Member through 2013
    • Ryan Martin – Executive Director of the YMCA at VT
    • Ann Raridon – Served on early Executive Committees &  Board Member through 2013

The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors will meet from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, this Thursday, 16 January in the Large Conference Room at the Blacksburg Motor Company Building at 400 South Main Street.  This meeting is open to the public, but only currently-active SB Board Members will participate in the election, the appointment of officers, and the discussion that follows.  We ask that only currently-active SB Board Members sit at the central table, and that other persons attending sit on other chairs at the room’s periphery.

Annual Meeting’s proposed agenda:

    • Election of four Board Members for three-year terms
    • Appointment of SB Officers
    • Boards discussion of SB direction and activities for 2014

For further information, comments, or corrections, please contact me by phone at the numbers listed below.

G. William (Bill) Claus


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