SB Gifts 11 Recycling Bins To Blacksburg High School Stadium

BHS Recycle Bin JPEGAn anonymous contributor to Sustainable Blacksburg allowed  SB to buy and label eleven (11) recycling containers for use at the Blacksburg High School’s Bill Brown Stadium; that’s one to be placed alongside each trash container at the stadium.  This project was completed during the Fall of 2014.

The photo shows how the containers appear.  The green door in the container’s the top is easily opened so that bottles and cans may be inserted “on the run”.  A plastic, self adhesive “bumper sticker” has been added to the top of each container to acknowledge that each bin was sn SB’s contribution to BHS’s recycling efforts.

The appearance of these bumper stickers is shown below.

BHS Bumper Sticker JPEG

The containers were first placed around the stadium during the September, 2014 and now appear to be in heavy use.  (Thanks Students !!)

Katharine Davis and Austin Jones, September, 2014.

Katharine Davis and Austin Jones, September, 2014.

Initially, this project was suggested to SB’s 2014 President, Kimberley Homer, by Katharine Davis, BHS Chemistry teacher and Junior-Class Sponsor.  Ms. Davis remained in contact with SB until the project was completed.  Austin Jones, BHS 2014-15 Junior, helped distribute the containers and mark each with an SB bumper sticker.