Piggy BankEven though Sustainable Blacksburg is an all volunteer organization, we need money to continue operating as we have in the past.  Previously, we have been using a very generous contribution given by one of our founding members in 2008, but these funds are rapidly running out.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, “Self, if I make a financial contribution, for what type of things will the money be used?”  The answer to that question can be found by selecting the word Contributions in the list of pages near the top of each SB webpage, or by clicking here.

Once you see how we spend our money, and if you believe that you would like to support the continuation of these activities, then you might then ask yourself, “Self, how much would I like to, or can I, contribute?”  The various levels of financial support that we have available are found in the pull-down menu under the word Contributions.  You will see that there are two categories of contributing membership that you can select: Supporting and Sponsoring.  

If you wish, your financial contribution will be acknowledged in the right-hand column of this and other pages on this website, or you may ask that your contribution be listed as anonymous.  If the latter option is chosen, all anonymous contributions will be summed together and their total listed on the right.

Summary:  If you value the work of Sustainable Blacksburg, won’t you or your organization please consider making a financial contribution of any amount so that we can continue, and hopefully improve, our activities during 2013.  We will appreciate and acknowledge your financial support!

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