“Solarize Blacksburg” Kick Off Event – Wednesday, 05 March

WHAT –  NEW —  Solarize Blacksburg Program

WHEN – 4:00 PM Wednesday, 05 March 2014

WHERE –  Blacksburg’s Farmers Market Park, Downtown

DETAILS –  Mayor Ron Rordam, members of Town Council, and local affordable housing and clean energy organizations will join together on

Solar Panels On House

Wednesday, March 5, 4pm at Market Square Park to officially launch Solarize Blacksburg.   Solarize Blacksburg is a new program designed to make solar affordable and accessible to homeowners and businesses in Blacksburg.   Now, for the first time, Blacksburg residents can go solar for no upfront cost, with roughly the same cost per month as their existing electricity bill, while locking in current utility rates.

Solarize Blacksburg seeks to dramatically expand solar in Blacksburg in 2014 by using bulk purchasing to make solar affordable through economies of scale, standardized pricing, and streamlined financing.   Bulk purchasing, an idea similar to wholesale and buying in bulk at stores like Costco, allows Blacksburg homeowners to save money on the price of solar by contracting for installations as a group, driving down the overall cost of installations.   The Solarize program will run for three months, through the end of May 2014.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, see the Solarize Blacksburg press release dated 28 February 2014

Solar Panels

CONTACT –  Carol L. Davis, Town Sustainability Manager, Office: 540.558.0786 or Cell:  540.808.9036.

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