A New Phone App That Informs Blacksburg Residents About Curbside Collection of Waste & Recyclables


When and Where Hazardous Materials Can Be Safely Discarded

Last Fall, the Town of Blacksburg launched an app called My Waste for garbage, recycling, and special waste collection details for its curbside trash and recycling customers.

App icon for MyWaste

App icon for MyWaste

With My Waste, Blacksburg residents can check details for regular and special collections and events for spring and fall cleanup, household hazardous waste collection, e-waste days, and more.  My Waste is tailored specifically to the user’s neighborhood.  Once you have downloaded the app it can be set it up to give regular reminders for any of the Towns collection programs. For example, you can set a reminder for the day recycling is collected or set up alerts just for household hazardous or electronic waste collection days.

Earth Recycle JPEGResidents can download the FREE My Waste app at   After opening this app, select either the Apple or Android icon on the first screen you see depending upon which type of smart phone you use.

This app can reminded you about WHEN  you need to set out your trash and recycling and which days hazardous waste can be turned into MRSWA.  It can also ANSWER many of your questions about WHAT can be recycled and what cannot.  A very valuable tool for even the experienced Blacksburg recycler.

The My Waste app was funded by a recycling education grant from the Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) Connect Education Award Program in 2013.  The grant program provides resources to select communities that have been dedicated users of CVP Connect ( CVP Connect is a free, online education training tool for recycling coordinators that was launched last year to help communities be more strategic and effective in the promotion of their residential recycling programs.

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