Month: March 2021

Week 1: Support Local Food Sources

Support Local Food Sources We’re kicking off our 21 Actions for 2021 with Supporting Local Food Sources. One of the {many} awesome things about Blacksburg and the surrounding area is the farms and local food producers. We are so lucky to have access to such a wonderful source of homegrown options! This week we will …

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Sustainable Communities

What is a sustainable community and why is this important for Blacksburg? A sustainable community is one that takes into account many different human needs, not one need to the exclusion of others. And humans want and need many things from their community: Access to clean air and water Jobs and other economic opportunities A …

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Steps We Can Take to Lead a Sustainable Life

Sustainable living is important because it ensures future generations a habitable world they can enjoy. But what does it mean to live sustainably and what exactly are we trying to accomplish? A sustainable lifestyle attempts to reduce our impact on the environment by altering our methods of transportation, energy consumption, and diet to reduce our …

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Sustainable Consumption & Production

The earth is finite with finite resources and every human being relies on these resources for our basic needs – food, air, water, shelter. But we also put tremendous pressure on the earth in order to fulfill our wants. There are a couple of additional stressors that come into play here: The population is projected …

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Future Economy Collective & Southpaw Cafe

Future Economy Collective is a local non-profit organization offering alternative forms of collaboration; collective growth, education, and liberation; skill-sharing; and mutual aid. They run the Southpaw Cafe which is a community-based, volunteer-run cafe and community space. All proceeds from the cafe are invested directly back into the community through mutual aid programs, community projects, and …

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Looking Out for Each Other: New River Valley

Looking Out for Each Other: New River Valley connects community bounty with community need. To offer something you have that someone else could use or to look for a need of your own, visit their Facebook page or their website. Contact: Facebook:

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture puts a tremendous amount of pressure on our natural resources and the changing climate is impacting how we grow and produce our food. Sustainable agriculture seeks to address these issues but we must look at the three pillars of sustainability when thinking about sustainable agriculture. Social (people): Agricultural practices should 1) provide sufficient human …

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Montgomery County, Virginia's broomin' & bloomin' Saturday April 24, 2021

Montgomery County’s 38th Annual Broomin’ and Bloomin’ Litter Cleanup Event

Since 1983, individuals and groups have been invited to take part in this countywide cleaning effort. As in past years, participants will be picking up litter along area waterways, public parks/playgrounds, walking trails, roadways, and other public locations. Trash bags, gloves and safety vests will be provided. Filled trash bags will be picked up from …

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