Susan Garrison


1962 – 2013

Susan Garrison, much-loved and admired Sustainability Manager for the Town of Blacksburg, passed away in February 2013  A tireless environmental advocate, she helped establish Blacksburg’s first Sustainability Week, launched the community’s Climate Action Plan, and championed the Town’s environmental initiatives.

About Susan

Susan Elizabeth Garrison was born on 15 July 1962 and died on 20 February 2013 after a two-year battle with Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme (a form of brain cancer).

Susan earned her BS, MS, and MBA degrees from Virginia Tech.  She began her 25 years of service to Blacksburg as its first horticulturalist, establishing the Landscaped Medium and Downtown Hanging Baskets Programs, and she retired as the town’s first Environmental Manager.  She helped establish Blacksburg’s Sustainability Week, Climate Protection Program, Energy Management Program, Community Energy Assistance Program, Electronic Recycling Program, and the NRV Livability Initiative.  Susan was awarded the 2011 Virginia Municipal League’s Green Government Challenge Award, the 2009 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for Blacksburg’s Environmental Management System Program, and the 2008 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for Sustainability Week 2007.  She was a founding member of Sustainable Blacksburg’s Board of Directors, and served on the board of the Association of Energy Conservation Professionals, and a member of many other professional organizations.

Susan Garrison’s Legacy Continues…

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