About Us

Our vision is for Blacksburg to become a model of community sustainability for Virginia.

Our Mission

To preserve and enhance sustainable living in Blacksburg and environs by promoting clean energysmart growth and mobilityecological integritysocial equity, local food systems, and reduction of waste, carbon emissions, and pollution.

Our Goals

  • Provide a coordinating hub and clearinghouse of local sustainability-related programs, data, and information.
  • Collaborate with the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, community organizations, and businesses to create and cross promote sustainability policies, programs, and projects.
  • Create interest groups among membership to focus on specific elements of our mission and facilitate related projects.
  • Grow membership to better represent the population of Blacksburg and advance our mission.

Our Organization

Sustainable Blacksburg is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization.

Board of Directors


  • President: Ann Raridon
  • Vice President: Viverjita Umashankar
  • Treasurer: Brenda Springer
  • Secretary: Vacant

Non-Voting Members

  • Town of Blacksburg: Carol Davis
  • Blacksburg Town Council: John Bush
  • Virginia Tech: Rob Lowe
  • Community Advisor: John Randolph

General Board

  • Stephanie Byers
  • Bailey Chandler
  • Ginger Dakin
  • Acadia Lewis
  • Ryan Martin
  • Trish Porter
  • Brenda van Gelder
  • Emily Vollmer

We currently have openings on our board if you would like to join us! Contact us at sustainableblacksburgva@gmail.com.

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