NRV Tree Rescuers

A mature tree has far greater benefits than a sapling for stormwater capture, carbon sequestration, cooling and other ecosystem services. NRV Tree Rescuers is taking action to protect our local trees from invasive, climbing vines that cause tree decline and eventual death.

You can help in this important effort by rescuing trees on your own property and/or alerting other landowners to the problem.

Interested in becoming a Tree Rescuer?

Watch a video from the Northern Virginia Tree Rescuers that explains the program

– ​2 minute intro or 8 minute intro

Ready to volunteer?

Sign up for sections to survey on the Section Tracking Spreadsheet

Landowners: Rescue trees on your own property

-Invasive vines like English Ivy and
Bittersweet can strangle and
smother trees. They also add
significant weight, which can cause
mature trees to fall down in storms
and strong winds.
-Once invasive vines are in the tree
tops, they can block necessary
sunlight from the trees’ leaves or
needles. These vines also compete
with the tree for nutrients and
-Thick vine growth can also harm a
tree by holding moisture next to the
bark, causing or accelerating rot.

Learn to identify invasive vines.

Want someone to visit to help identify potentially invasive vines? Email us for assistance at

View our NRV Tree Rescuers kickoff presentation here

Returning volunteers? You can print more

Door hangers

Trifold insert with vine removal instructions

Volunteer Field Notes Form

New! Single page flyer available for download.

NRV Tree Rescuers is a collaborative project of Sustainable Blacksburg and the Town of Blacksburg Office of Sustainability.

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