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We actively engage in efforts to protect the natural world

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Native Plants Distribution – Spring 2022

Join the Race Against Invasive Species

Ecological Integrity Updates

Native Plant Distribution

Update: 3/7/2022, 1 pm: WE ARE SOLD OUT! No longer accepting orders. 3/6/2022, 12 noon: Due to a big surge in orders, we are pausing new orders while we double-check our inventory, which is almost sold out. If you want to place an order, please email us at with your desired order and we will contact…

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2022 Small Grants to Preserve and Enhance Sustainable Living

The mission of Sustainable Blacksburg (SB) is to preserve and enhance sustainable living in Blacksburg and environs by promoting clean energy, smart growth and mobility, ecological integrity, social equity, and reduction of waste (especially carbon emissions, and pollution). To encourage others to assist in accomplishing this mission, SB will be awarding (up to) four grants of up to $500 each during…

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Lunch & Learn: 20 Trees that are better than a Bradford Pear

Last month we learnt about native plants, and we are following up this month with native trees in a talk by Carl Absher, retired arborist. Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) is a small tree native to southeast Asia that was introduced to the USA in 1964 as ‘Bradford’ pear. Since then, multiple varieties of callery pear…

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