Monti/McLellan and Keciorius/Villareaga Gardens

Highlights from the July 2023 Tour

Monti/McLellan garden, 1090 S. Jefferson Forest Ln, Blacksburg. In just 5 years, the homeowners have created an incredible certified habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. A ¼ acre meadow sports a succession of blooming species to feed native pollinators throughout the season and the property owners have also planted over 25 native trees as well as shrubs and perennials. 

Keciorius garden, 1306 Greendale Dr, Blacksburg. In this fairly new garden, the homeowners grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers, striving to be pollinator friendly and avoiding chemicals. Rain barrels and drip irrigation conserve water.

When considering gardens to feature, we sought gardens that would showcase practices from the list of sustainable gardening and landscaping practices we compiled during our 21 Actions for 2021 Campaign. You can find that list of practices here:

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