Glaser and Paulson Gardens

The two Blacksburg residential gardens from the June tour highlight native plants and gardening for wildlife habitat.

The Glaser Garden at 901 Mason Drive in Blacksburg is a habitat garden of native and non-native plants that attempts to mimic the natural landscape.  “Habitat Gardening,” also known as “Backyard Restoration,” refers to the process of converting traditional landscape plans in privately owned yards or public spaces to those that attract and support native birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. Habitat gardening greatly benefits wildlife by providing food, shelter, water and nesting places and is typically characterized by a more natural, less formal feel, with more variety in plant choices and naturalistic placement and pruning of plants.

Rebekah Paulson holds certifications for her gardens located at 913 Kentwood Drive, including both a National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat and a Monarch Watch Monarch Waystation. Her garden utilizes 21 of the 24 Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping Practices recommended by Sustainable Blacksburg. She has nearly 20 species of native trees and shrubs, and more than 55 native perennials in her relatively new garden. Rebekah gardens organically, composts, grows edibles, provides water and natural food sources for wildlife and birds, and skips chemicals. She has created half a dozen new bedding areas to eliminate turf, and the lawn areas that still remain are natural with native and nonnative plants including violets, clovers, dandelions and some grass.

A list of the native plants that Rebekah has incorporated into her 0.2 acre lot can be found here:

Images from the Glaser garden

Tour attendees relax on the Glaser patio.
Barb Glaser talks to tour attendees.
Glaser garden
Glaser garden
Glaser “catio”
Glaser garden
Glaser garden

Images from the Paulson garden

Rebekah Paulson talks to tour attendees about her native plant garden.
Garden co-owner Mark Pierson enjoys showing the garden to tour attendees.
Paulson garden: River of violets
Paulson garden: Coral honeysuckle (lonicera sempervirens)
Paulson garden: Sweet Bay Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana)
Paulson rain garden
Paulson garden: Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)
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