Corl/Burger and Marsille Gardens

Highlights from the May 2023 Tour

Corl/Burger garden at 911 Draper Road, Blacksburg: Since moving onto the property, homeowners Benjamin Corl and Julie Burger have progressively reduced the proportion of the lot area dedicated to lawn in order to reduce maintenance in some areas while increasing food production in others. Their ornamental beds are a mix of both native and non-native plants. To support the vegetable garden, they compost and utilize soil testing to manage soil nutrients as well as mulch to conserve water.

Marsille garden at 509 Monte Vista Drive, Blacksburg: Homeowner Margaret Marsille describes her yard as a low-budget work in progress, with established and new plantings, which she is transitioning to native plants, food crops, and a “just have fun” garden. Marsille has incorporated a number of sustainable features, including two rainwater collection systems, native plant gardens, composting area, vegetable gardens, berry plants, upcycled garden art and two greenhouses created from reclaimed windows.

When considering gardens to feature, we sought gardens that would showcase practices from the list of sustainable gardening and landscaping practices we compiled during our 21 Actions for 2021 Campaign. You can find that list of practices here:

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