Ode to Susan

by Jean Elliot

In the town on the plateau off Brush Mountain
 lived a kind and gentle soul who loved the land.
She arrived in the highlands, went to Tech and earned degrees
 and like many never left again, the valley works its peace.

Loyal and dependable, she quickly earned respect
 and the town soon entrusted her to lead.
So she penned the grants and taught the locals
 just what it would take
to make The Burg sustainable,
 a greener kind of place:
 Reduce, reuse, recycle
 Plant more flowers, grow more trees
 A place for old computers, plasma screens and batteries
 Collect water in a rain barrel, conserve precious energy;
 Reduce your carbon footprint
 Use CFLs and LEDs.

An environmental steward with horticulture roots,
 Susan trimmed the streets with baskets
 and we had a better look.
Now we live in a "tree city"
 and "Best place to raise a family."
We smile and nod with pride at her success.
Now our Susan is up in heaven
 and it’s an even better place
For she's rallied all the angels
 and persuaded all the saints
You see … now on those glittering streets of gold
 sit new and shiny blue recycle bins.

We miss you, Susan, and honor everything you did for our town.

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