DID YOU KNOW that Monarch butterfly numbers have dropped by 90%, in large part because of loss of milkweed, the only food source for Monarch caterpillars.

YOU CAN HELP by participating in the New River Valley Milkweed Seed Release. Starting October 26th, pick up a FREE milkweed seed growing kit at the YMCA at Virginia Tech Thrift Store, Blacksburg Library, and Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum in Christiansburg. Start releasing your seeds on November 7th. Share photos and video on social media with the hashtag #NRVMonarchs.

THANK YOU to the New River Land Trust for putting together this video about Monarch and milkweed. Other supporters of this event are the New River Valley Virginia Master Naturalists, whose members collected the milkweed seeds to give away, and the Town of Blacksburg, which has made a commitment to be a Monarch City USA.

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