Week 1 Recap: Supporting Local Food Sources


Let’s all celebrate as we close out week one of 21 Actions for 2021. We have taken one step further into leading a sustainable lifestyle!

Supporting Local Food Sources

Week one was all about supporting local food sources. If you are following us on Facebook, you now know about many different ways you can take this action in our community. Here’s a quick recap of what we posted:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

If you’re interested, lots of great CSA programs in our area are TAKING ORDERS NOW including:

Den Hill Permaculture

Floyd Ecovillage

Glade Road Growing

Leap Local Food

Riverstone Farm

Seven Springs Farm (sold out this season, wait list only)

Stonecrop Farm (flowers)

Growing Your Own Food

The Future Economy Collective at 204 Draper Road NW has a communal seed sharing station where you can look for seeds to help you get started or share some seeds if you have extra.

Community Gardens

Check out the link to learn more about our growing group of community gardens.


Picking Your Own

We are fortunate to have a number of closer pick-your-own farms too, including 3 Birds Berry Farm right here in Blacksburg, as well as:

Windrush Berry Farm, Newport

Bee Berry Farm, Newport

Doe Creek Farm, Giles County

Woodall Blueberries, New Castle

Levering Orchard, Ararat

Farmers Market

At the Blacksburg Farmers Market, you can find a wide variety of local foods, whether your taste preferences are meat and eggs, bread and jam, or vegetables from asparagus to zucchini as they progress through the season. We’re fortunate to have a market that operates all year and twice a week during the prime growing season. New schedule starts this week!

Apr-Oct: Sat 8 am-2 pm , Wed 2 pm-6 pm 
Nov-Dec: Sat 9 am-2 pm, Wed 2 pm-6 pm 
Jan-Mar: Sat only 10 am-2 pm

Other Sources for Local Foods and Gardening Supplies

You can also find locally produced foods at these local stores:

Annie Kay’s Main Street Market

EATS Natural Foods

Oasis World Market

Here are a few locations you can find gardening supplies:

Blacksburg Feed and Seed: 1212 N. Main Street, 540-552-1631

Crows Nest Greenhouses

Harmony Organics

Heavenly True Value

Coming Up…

Week 2 starts tomorrow! Join us as we talk about Sustainable Lawn and Garden Practices.

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