Resources for Sustainable Transportation

By Cat Woodson

Sustainable Transportation Resources


RIDE Solutions

A Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Agency dedicated to expanding the efficiency and life of the roadway network and reducing the environmental impacts of vehicle emissions.

Provides alternative transportation options – ridesharing (carpooling and vanpooling), biking, public transit, walking, and guaranteed ride home services – to residents living within the greater New River and Roanoke Valleys and Region 2000 regions of SW Virginia 


A car sharing alternative to rental and ownership. Book cars on demand by the hour or day. Join instantly, drive in minutes.

Local and Regional Travel

Blacksburg Transit

Public transportation for the citizens of Blacksburg, Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students, and partnering communities within the New River Valley Region 

Radford Transit

Connects to Radford through Christiansburg

Smart Way Bus

Connects the Roanoke Valley and the New River Valley and brings you to the ROA airport

Smart Way Express

A commuter bus service operated by Valley Metro

Virginia Breeze

Intercity bus service connecting Blacksburg with Union Station in Washington, D.C. and includes several stops in the New River Valley, Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia

In-State and Out of State Travel


Enter Blacksburg as the origin/destination to schedule your train ride



An organization representing cyclists in Floyd, Giles, Montgomery and Pulaski counties and the City of Radford

ROAM NRV Bikeshare

Regional bikeshare program for the New River Valley, currently serving the Town of Blacksburg, the Town of Christiansburg, Montgomery County and Virginia Tech

Local Bike Shops

East Coasters Bike Shop

Bike Barn

Friends of the Huckleberry

The Huckleberry is a paved trail system extending almost 15 miles through rolling terrain and passes through Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, Montgomery County, and Christiansburg

For more information about increasing your community’s bicycle friendliness visit the League of American Bicyclists 

If you are interested in growing your community bicycle and pedestrian networks, explore the Federal Highway Administration website to find out who is responsible for projects in your community. 

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