Week 9: Eat More Sustainably

While shopping for groceries, eating sustainably can often be one of the last things we think about. Our focus may be on getting the most cost-efficient item. Sometimes we may buy a product that has the prettiest packaging. Or maybe we just grab the first item we see, no matter the brand or cost. Shopping this way has many repercussions for the world – for our environment, our health, our local economy, and the well-being of animals. We are going to discuss Eating Sustainably this week and how we can make better decisions in our food choices.

Eating Sustainably – What is it and Why should we do it?

Let’s start with the question, What exactly does it mean to Eat Sustainably?

Eating sustainably is mindful eating. It means making a conscious effort to learn more about where our food is grown or has been processed; the environmental impacts of the production of the food we eat; the safety of the workers and farmers involved in the process; and the health of our soil and animals. This requires education and action on our parts, and the more we learn, the better choices we can make.

Photo by Marisa Morton on Unsplash

But Why Eat Sustainably?

What we eat has changed the planet. Across the globe forests have been devastated to make space to rear cattle and to grow crops to feed livestock, while our oceans become barren as they are trawled and overfished. Food production is not only the greatest driver of wildlife loss, it contributes to climate change: about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food.

World Wildlife Fund

Eating sustainably can make a huge impact in our fight against climate change. Americans spend 10% of our income on food (whether eating out or cooking in) which puts the consumer in a powerful position. Making careful choices in our food purchases shows companies that we want more sustainable options. Companies responses to these demands can then transform our food system – reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with food.

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