The Winner of our First Small Grant is…

By: Ann Raridon

This year, Sustainable Blacksburg started a new small grant program for community projects supporting our mission. Proposed projects in the areas of clean energysmart growth and mobilityecological integritysocial equity, or waste reduction are eligible for grants of up to $500. 

Last month, we were excited to make our first grant award to the Residents of the Sunset Boulevard Neighborhood to establish a Monarch butterfly waystation in a common area on the Boulevard. Plans include the planting of a variety of native, pollinator-friendly plants and the addition of a resting/reflection bench and other decorative features to encourage residents to stop and enjoy the space. 

The deadline for our next two grant awards is coming up on June 30th. Download the form below to request a small grant for your community project.

Please contact us at for more information.

Sustainable Blacksburg President Ann Raridon and Board Member Cat Woodson joined Treasurer Brenda Springer to present the award to the neighbors of Sunset Boulevard. 

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