Week 13: Investing in Sustainability

We are faced with a lot of social and environmental issues out there – so much so that it can often seem overwhelming, leaving us to wonder what we can do to help.

Shifting our lifestyle and consumer choices is one way we can help address particular problems; getting politically active with our voices and votes can also help push for more systemic, widespread change. And one of the most effective ways to help realize a more sustainable future is to also support environmental nonprofits.

Green Dreamer

Why is this?

These organizations have the necessary research, know-how, connections, and action plans to make a big difference, however, they rely on fundraising and donations to do their work.

This week we are going to talk about Investing in or Donating to Environmental Organizations and the impact this investment can have on preserving our world for future generations.

Donating to Local Organizations

Donating to local organizations is not only a great way to help the local economy, it also supports groups who are invested in our environment and have specific knowledge of how to preserve our local ecosystem. As a local organization, Sustainable Blacksburg partners with many amazing local nonprofits. These groups are important to the sustainability of our community. We know the people who run them. We know the work they are doing and the impact it can have. That is why we are encouraging you to look locally for environmental groups to invest in.

A great place to start is Give Local NRV. They are holding their 8th annual NRV Day of Giving this week on June 23, 2021 and there are many amazing environmental organizations seeking your help. Every little bit you give can make a big difference!

Donating to National and International Organizations

There are also many incredible environmental organizations doing amazing work across the country and even the world. To get an idea of what organizations are out there and what they are doing, read Faye Lessler’s article:

35 Environmental Organizations and Nonprofits For a Sustainable Future (List and Ways You Can Get Involved)

Learn More!

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