Week 19 Recap: Utilize Shared Community Resources

A lot of our actions have been related to how we accumulate and reuse “stuff,” because consumerism is at the root of many of our most severe environmental problems. We advocate refusing, reusing, borrowing, giving directly to others, and buying secondhand because recycling just isn’t enough. Another way to cut our accumulation of stuff and the manufacture of new materials is to utilize our shared community resources. We don’t have to own everything ourselves when we can borrow or rent it from a local resource. An added bonus is that we don’t need extra space to store stuff we won’t use frequently. During the week, we will be highlighting some of these local community resources.

NRV Bike Kitchen

The NRV Bike Kitchen is a non-profit community organization that repairs and distributes donated bicycles at low cost to disadvantaged individuals without the social or economic capital to find one elsewhere. Access to affordable transportation for low-income individuals makes trips to work, school, and medical appointments possible. It fosters self-sustainability, promotes independence, and permits spending on other household essentials. Operations were restricted by COVID, but they have been back part-time since June. They are located in the Christiansburg Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Millstone Kitchen

The Millstone Kitchen is a shared-use facility whose mission is to empower and support food entrepreneurs in launching their dream businesses. Available for rent by the hour, the kitchen is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Starting in April 2020, Millstone Kitchen pivoted to respond to increased food insecurity in the midst of COVID-19. Thanks to an overwhelming response in donations from the local community, they were able to launch a program connecting low-income families, at-risk individuals, and homebound seniors with prepared meals. Millstone Kitchen is located in the newly renovated former elementary school at Prices Fork.

Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.

Albert Einstein

Public libraries may be our greatest community resource, providing everyone with needed access to books, but also to music and movies and programs for all ages. Now many of those resources are available online, but it’s hard to beat the feeling of reading an actual book and not everyone has easy access to online resources or actual books. The MFRL system has responded to that need by bringing books to the community. So, find your way to the library, either the brick and mortar one, or the rolling one, and check out a good book.

MFRL’s Mobile Library Schedule can be found here

Blacksburg Transit

Blacksburg Transit is the Town of Blacksburg’s public transportation provider and can get you almost anywhere you need to go. They offer fixed routes that run on an established schedule and and designated route and shuttles to community events. BT also has demand response services that will pick passengers up and drop off passengers where they need to go. Reservations are required for this service. BT Access is available for persons with a temporary or permanent disability who meet the criteria established under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Routes and Schedules

Hours and Service Information

16 Frogs Project

The people who established the 16 Frogs project put together a great way for us to learn about art, nature, environmental protection and Blacksburg’s history. Finding the frogs is a fun, free, educational activity for all ages.

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Week 20 starts tomorrow! Join us as we talk about reducing home energy use. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to see daily updates.

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