Lunch & Learn: 20 Trees that are better than a Bradford Pear

Last month we learnt about native plants, and we are following up this month with native trees in a talk by Carl Absher, retired arborist.

Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) is a small tree native to southeast Asia that was introduced to the USA in 1964 as ‘Bradford’ pear. Since then, multiple varieties of callery pear have been introduced to our nursery market that all have great spring flowers and good fall coloration. However, they all invade our local ecosystems and suppress native plants. In this presentation we will discuss the callery pear and its problems, some native trees that are preferable to the callery pears, and some places to purchase them.

Learn about 20 Trees That Are Better Than a Bradford Pear with retired arborist, Carl Absher from the recording of the event on Wednesday, September 29 2021.

Scroll through the slideshow to view the native trees from Carl’s presentation.

If you’d like a PDF copy of the slideshow to view or download, please visit this link.

Image credit: Carl Absher, VTree app, UGA (labeled)

Carl Absher’s recommendation of where to find natives:
VNPS Home – Virginia Native Plant Society
PlantNative – Native Plant Information, Nursery Directory, Community Organizations
Buy Virginia Trees | Virginia Department of Forestry
Buy Trees and Learn About Trees – Visit our Online Nursery (
Tree grower of quality seedlings and transplants ( | Sellers of Tree Seeds & Shrub Seeds
Bare Root Trees For Sale, Tree Seedlings For Sale, Tree Saplings For Sale – Chief River Nursery

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