Communicating Science and Policy

If we want to have a sustainable future, it is very important that our policies are informed by science and that everyone’s voice is heard. Our community is taking great efforts to make sure that this happens.

Science Communication

Local venues and resources to watch to stay up to date on scientific topics, as communicated by the scientists themselves!

Science on Tap – New River Valley

Sustainability and Policy

Our political representatives cannot speak for the people if they do not know what we want. Be a voice for sustainability! Look up local laws and regulations and find out how to participate in local politics.

Let’s Talk Blacksburg

Citizens Climate Lobby – New River Valley Virginia Chapter

Sierra Club – New River Valley Group

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

NAACP Climate and Environmental Justice Committee (Montgomery County, Radford City, Floyd County Branch)

Virginia General Assembly

Communicating Science and Policy Updates

Lunch & Learn: Plant Southwest Virginia Natives

Bring your lunch and learn about Native Plants in Southwest Virginia, why you should choose native and how your garden and yard can make a difference in the natural ecosystem. We are joined by Nicole Hersch, a Regional Planner and Community Designer at the New River Regional Commission. She has a background in landscape architecture…

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Lunch & Learn: Preserving Food – Saving Today’s Abundance to Enjoy Tomorrow

Learn ways to save the summer harvest for storage in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. From quick and easy to more advanced methods – you can enjoy eating locally all year! We’re joined by Brenda Springer, a Board Member of both Sustainable Blacksburg and the Blacksburg Farmers Market. She works as a CPA and dedicates…

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